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    We genuinely care about you, provide you with objective and practical advice, and represent you in a manner to effectively and inexpensively resolve your case.


    We have the experience and endurance to guide you through the difficult course of your case and plan and implement effective strategies for your success.


    We pay attention to the unique facts of your case and analyze them under applicable laws, develop effective strategies and argue your case to persuade judges and juries in your favor.

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The Karem Law Firm is a general practice firm in areas of civil litigation to criminal defense. We are a no nonsense firm, operate efficiently, and provide affordable legal representation.

We strive to serve the legal needs of all people in our community.  Our civil litigation focuses on personal injury, property damage, contracts, construction disputes, construction liens, construction lien foreclosure, insurance bad faith, constitutional violations, consumer protection, unfair trade practices, wrongful discharge from employment, divorce, child custody, adoption, termination of parental rights, probate, and more. Please refer to the various practice areas noted on the tabs at the top of this page.

Free initial consultation.

No recovery, no fee on contingent fee cases.

We are dedicated to representing you

We are dedicated to representing you with integrity, strength and intelligence, yet, serving you efficiently and inexpensively. We’ve eliminated the redundancies and overhead inefficiencies that plague old school law firms. We use the latest technologies to communicate and transmit documents to clients and opposing parties alike. We use internet services for case law research and other electronic resources for state and federal statutes, codes, and laws. This means less overhead for us that we don’t have to pass on to you. By operating efficiently, we have freed up more time to work on the important aspects of your case.

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